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This edition: March 2007

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Original tape date: March 11, 2007.

1/ French Language Heritage Program
In the globalized 21st century, speaking more than one language has become an essential aspect of personal and professional development. The French Heritage Language Program, an innovative initiative, shows how young immigrant students can speed up their acquisition of English by also improving their mastery of French, their native language. It's not a question of one or the other. It's a matter of better skills in both, meaning a better integration for a brighter future. CANAPE explores this initiative with educators, students, and the creators of the program.

2/ Dobet Gnahore at BB King's Blues
African music has always influenced American music. But it is only in recent years that African musicians have attracted the attention of American listeners. The success of the Africans in entertaining their American admirers could be seen last year on the multi-city tour of Putumayo Presents Acoustic Africa. Veterans Habib Koite from Mali and Vusi Mahlasela from South Africa were joined by the dynamic young Dobet Gnahore from the Ivory Coast. At B.B. King's Club in New York Canape listens to her words and her music.

3/ “Basquiat: French Collections”
Although born in Brooklyn, Jean Michel Basquiat always maintained an interest in his family's international origins. “My name is Basquiat,” he would pronounce in the French manner “Not Basquiat,” as Americans would say. Nearly twenty years after his premature death, the international impact of Basquiat's work continues to grow. A label like neo-expressionist is hardly adequate to the scope of the art. Canape visits the new exhibit of his works drawn from French collections.

4/ Julien Clerc
It all started in the Age of Aquarius. In 1968 young songster Julien Clerc began releasing a string of French chart toppers. In 1969 he starred in the French production of Hair. Almost forty years later he is still singing, still touring, still charming new generations. In 2007 American fans will have a chance to see him in concert in San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C. Canape samples a recent video.

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