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This edition: April 2007

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Original tape date: April 12, 2007.

1/ Jean-Michel Basquiat Back in New York Jean Michel Basquiat was born in Brooklyn. He had a Haitian father and a Puertorican mother. “My name is Basquiat,” he would pronounce in the French manner “Not Basquiat,” as Americans would say. Nearly twenty years after his premature death, the international impact of Basquiat's work continues to grow. We take a look at his life in New York in the 80's and celebrate his return to the city in a new exhibit of his drawings selected from French collections.

2/ Alain Resnais' Private Fears in Public Places with Lambert Wilson “Most films seem to come from the 19th century,” director Alain Resnais once observed. “I want to make films that reflect the way we live in the 20th century.” And that he has. Hiroshima Mon Amour, Last Year at Marienbad, Providence, these films and others virtually define cinematic Modernism. Actor Lambert Wilson, who plays a frustrated huband in Alain Resnais' recent movie, Private Fears in Public Places, talks to Canape about the master.

3/ The Page Turner by Denis Dercourt First, there was Hitchcock, a Brit who loved France. Then there was Claude Chabrol, who loved the films of Hitchcock and knew how to make them French. Today there is Denis Dercourt who has learned his lessons from the two masters. Take the trauma of a botched piano recital in childhood and cycle it into a plot for adult revenge. That's the creepy premise of The Page Turner, Denis Dercourt's film. He talks to CANAPE about abnormal children.

4/ Poison Friends by Emmanuel Bourdieu with Natacha Régnier Certain places define certain ambitions. The Left Bank of Paris is where you make it in the French literary world. It's a world of publishers, cafes, lovers, friendships, and - of course -- betrayals. Equally important, certain films capture certain places. Poison Friends directed by Emmanuel Bourdieu almost oozes the literary Left Bank. The director himself and actor Natacha Regnier put CANAPE in the know.

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