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This edition: May 2007

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Original tape date: May 1, 2007.

1/ “The Valet” by Francis Veber

It's safe to say that what Neil Simon is to American theater Francis Veber is to French film. Both have a Swiss watchmaker's sense of timing. As The Old Couple is to one, so La Cage aux Folles is to the other. The new farce from Veber The Valet draws from the oldest and richest comic tradition of false identities and adulterous couples. The director chats with Canape about his comedy.

2/ Air

The music wasn't lost in translation for Sofia Coppola. The smooth, haunting electronica of the French duo Air appeared in The Virgin Suicides and Bill Murray's romp in Japan. French partners Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel created instant classics of contemporary music with Moon Safari and Talkie Walkie. Their fifth release is inspired by a remark about the Beach Boys' Good Vibrations that it was a “pocket symphony”. Canapé tunes in to Air's own Pocket Symphony.

3/ “Flanders” by Bruno Dumont

French director Bruno Dumont is always a provocateur. His 1999 Cannes prizewinner film Humanity was about the world's evil as understood by a policeman. His new production Flanders contrasts the farmlands of Flanders with a combat zone in an unnamed desert nation in the Mid East. The life of the rural poor is hardly improved by military service dedicated to ill-defined foreign intervention. The filmmaker tells Canapé about his production.

4/ Patrick Bruel

One of the most important French pop singers of the past two decades, Patrick Bruel began as a teen heartthrob. The French press even called it Bruelmania. But he was no one hit wonder. He and his audience have grown up together. After experimenting successfully with rock, Latin and North African influences, he turned in 2002 to the classic repertoire of French chanson. Canapé listens to a singer who knows many musical styles.

5/ “Paris Je t'Aime”

“We'll always have Paris”, Bogart tells Bergman in Casablanca. That's great for them. But what about us? Contemporary audiences get a chance to discover their own Paris in the new anthology film Paris, je t'aime. It boasts American directors such as Alexander Payne, Gus Van Sant, and Coen brothers as well as such international filmmakers as Alfonso Cuaron, Oliver Assayas, Tom Tykwer, and many others. There are many versions of Paris here as there are sequences. Canapé listens to what the many participants say about the production.

Guest List

Patrick Bruel Musician & Actor

Bruno Dumont Film Director

Jean-Benoit Dunckel Musician, “Air”

Nicolas Godin Musician, “Air”

Alexander Payne Filmmaker

Francis Veber FIlmmaker/Writer/Director

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