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This edition: September 2007

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Original tape date: September 1, 2007.

1/ "Eastern Promises" by David Cronenberg
Multicultural cities breed multicultural films with global casts. Master of the cinema of anxiety David Cronenberg sets his new film Eastern Promises in a London populated by the Russian mafia and citizens of the world. Among them is French star Vincent Cassel, best known to American audiences as George Clooney’s nemesis in Ocean’s 12. The Gallic actor, Canadian director, and international cast talk to Canape about sex and mystery in Eastern Promises.

2/ Gourmet Shops of New York
It is hard to count the guidebooks for Paris and New York. But when Parisian Nathalie Sann moved to New York she could not find something essential, a guide to the many outlets for fine prepared foods. Now several years later she and photographer Susan P. Meisel have published Gourmet Shops of New York: Markets, Foods, Recipes. The creators of the book share the adventure of its making with Canape

3/"Dans Paris" by Christophe Honore
Christophe Honore’s new film Dans Paris pulls off a nice trick: it is its own double feature. On
the one hand, there is the story of two brothers who are, in the words of The New York Times, “a study in contrasts – light and dark, delight and despair, hope and its absence.” That is enough to fill one film. Yet, on the other hand, Honore offers a loving tribute to the cinematic energy – call it pure verve – of the early French New Wave. The spectator can enjoy the visual

4/ "The Man of My life" by Zabou Breitman
Women filmmakers, sad to say, remain rare. Women filmmakers who dare explore the psyche of men are even rarer. In The Man of My Life actress-turned-director Zabou Breitman and screenwriter Agnes de Sacy take a look at what two men can teach each other about who they are. One is straight; the other, gay. Both are ready for a long night of discovery. Director Breitman shares with Canape her thoughts on portraying how the other half experiences life.

Guest List

Zabou Breitman Film Director

Vincent Cassel Actor/Film Director

David Cronenberg Film Director

Susan P. Meisel Author

Viggo Mortensen Film Director

Nathalie Sann Author

Naomi Watts Film Director

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