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This edition: November 2007

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Original tape date: November 22, 2007.

1/ “Painted with Words” : Van Gogh at the Morgan Library
What artist loved sunflowers, cut off his ear, and revolutionized painting? Vincent Van Gogh, of
course. But what else can we know about this giant of European art? A new exhibit – Painted with Words: Vincent Van Gogh’s Letters to Emile Bernard – at the Morgan Library and Museum reveals a mature artist struggling with his own concerns even as he advises and encourages a younger friend. Curator Jennifer Tonkovich shares with CANAPE the story of letters never seen before in public.

2/ “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” by Julian Schabel
The blink of an eye can tell a big story. No more so than when French fashion writer Jean
Dominique Bauby suffered an overwhelming stroke which left him paralyzed with only the muscle of an eyelid under his control. He dictated an entire memoir letter by letter using a system of blinks. American director and painter Julian Schnabel, whose previous films include Basquiat and Before Night Falls, takes on the task of translating Bauby’s book to the screen. The director and his stars Marie-Josée Croze, Mathieu Amalric, and Emmanuelle Seigner discuss their award winning film with CANAPE.

3/“Paris New York Shanghai” at the Aperture Foundation
Distance is a funny thing. Sometimes it isn’t distant. Take the new photographic exhibit and its
innovative companion book Paris New York Shanghai at the Aperture Gallery in New York. The thesis can be stated simply: three cities on three continents that might just be triplets separated at birth. CANAPE takes a look at who’s who. And where.

4/ “Lagerfeld Confidential” by Rodolphe Marconi
“Fashion is ephemeral, dangerous, and unfair.” Those strong words could be from a jilted client or a bitter journalist. But instead they come from the head of the House of Chanel Karl Lagerfeld. As the subject of a new documentary, the legendary fashion czar, who has ruled his Parisian kingdom for over two decades, is never without a bon mot, an intriguing suggestion, or a witty mask of privacy. Filmmaker Rodolphe Marconi talks to CANAPE about portraying a man who says he likes being an apparition.

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