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This edition: February 2008

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Original tape date: February 2, 2008.

1/ Jean-Paul Goude
We all live in popular culture but it’s a few who shape its contours. Count among them Jean-Paul Goude. At home in Paris and New York, he has put his mark on several media as an illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, and director of television advertisements and music videos.  In
the 1980s these activities included many collaborations with Grace Jones, whose image has become iconic of the decade. His autobiography is called So Far So Goude. CANAPE talks to the source.

2/ Babylon Circus
By its nature a circus has a surfeit of things happening. It’s no surprise then that the French
band Babylon Circus offers much more than the rhythms of ska that were its origins. Punk, swing, jazz, reggae, these and more are part of their eclectic style. Better known in Europe than the USA, the group found some converts at its concert in Webster Hall in New York for GlobalFest. CANAPE listens in.

3/ The Duchesse of Langeais
The French New Wave is still hitting the shore. Director Jacques Rivette began as a critic in the
1950s for the legendary film journal Cahiers du Cinema. His classic first feature film – Paris
Belongs to Us – appeared in 1960. Nearly fifty years and numerous films later he returns with an adaptation of Honore de Balzac’s The Duchesse of Langeais.  The veteran director gives the romance between a Napoleonic officer and a gentlewoman of high society a luxurious if ironic treatment. Lead actress Jeanne Balibar talks to CANAPE about her role and more.

Babylon Circus, Band
Jean-Paul Goude, Artist
Jeanne Balibar, Actress

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