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This edition: May 2008

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Original tape date: May 22, 2008.

1/ “Water Lilies” by Celine Sciamma
Certain locations are story magnets. Hospitals and police stations are obvious examples. Or, in the lives of teenagers, swimming pools are always a good bet. In her debut film Water Lilies 27 year old French writer and director Celine Sciamma focuses on three 15 year old girls. The setting is boredom itself: a French suburb. But the action is how, each in her own way,  the girls come of age. The young filmmaker chats with CANAPE about the art of directing.

2/ A new book by Marek Halter
The ancient Judeo-Christian world was populated by some of the most fascinating women of history. Prolific French writer Marek Halter has made it his task to bring them to life through a series of novels based upon deep historical research. In the past he has written about Biblical figures Sarah and Zipporah. Now he gives us a portrait of a passionate young woman named Miriam who fights for the rights of her family against the repressive house of Herod. Later in life she becomes known as Mary of Nazareth, the mother of Jesus. CANAPE visits with Marek Halter.

3/ “Her Name is Sabine” by Sandrine Bonnaire
Most famous actors spend their time protecting their families from public view.  To the contrary,
veteran French actress Sandrine Bonnaire makes her filmmaking debut in Her Name is Sabine, a documentary that explores intimately the life of her sister Sabine who suffers from a form of autism that remained misdiagnosed for many years. The film portrays with a delicate touch both the French medical system and the ties that bind in families looking for the best way to care for their own. The director shares her thoughts with CANAPE.

4/ “The Grocer’s Son” by Eric Guirado
Every country has its hidden corners. A surprise box office success in France in 2007 The Grocer’s Son follows a mobile grocery store as it services the largely elderly clients in tiny hamlets of the French countryside. Director Eric Guirado talks to CANAPE about a film that follows the gentle rhythms of life in a world that is rapidly disappearing.

5/ Homage to Aime Cesaire
Politics and literature are notoriously uncomfortable bedmates. Divorce is the usual the solution. One of the great exceptions to this rule was Aime Cesaire, who passed in April 2008. Born in 1913, he helped found the Negritude movement in French literature and served for over fifty years as the mayor of Fort de France in his native Martinique.  He was a major leader in the fight against colonialism and a touchstone for generations of writers who responded to the colonial and post-colonial worlds. CANAPE offers an homage through the words of his colleagues Jean-Claude Duverger and Manuel Cesaire.

Guest List

Sandrine Bonnaire Actress

Manuel Cesaire Music Composer

Jean-Claude Duverger Actor

Eric Guirado Film Director

Marek Halter Author

Celine Sciamma Film Director

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