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This edition: June 2008

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Original tape date: June 21, 2008.

1/ Martinique Carnival
Everybody knows that Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday and comes from the French. But few Americans know that French carnivals don’t begin and end on Bourbon Street.  The French Caribbean island of Martinique makes its own contributions to the art, fun, and just plain pleasure of carnival. Seeing is believing, someone once said. So CANAPE becomes a believer by seeing what carnival in Martinique is like.

2/ The Flight of the Red Balloon by Hou Hsiao-Hsien
In the 1950s the world was charmed by the children’s film The Red Balloon. What happens fifty years later when Taiwanese filmmaker Hou Hsiao-Hsien takes his crack at Paris with a balloon? Here’s what Village Voice critic Jim Hoberman has to say. “In its unexpected rhythms and visual surprises, its structural innovations and experimental perfs, its creative misunderstandings and its outré syntheses, this is a movie of genius.” CANAPE sneaks a peek at The Flight of the Red Balloon.

3/ Neimo
The age of revolution gave us the transatlantic friendship between the marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. The age of file-sharing gives us the friendship between American Rock’n’roll and the French band Neimo. Is their music jazz rock, progressive rock or something else? On a recent trip to the USA, they gave audiences a chance to judge for themselves. One thing is sure, they rock. CANAPE listens to the music and the music makers.

4/ Tell No One by Guillaume Canet
Selling millions of copies around the world, Harlan Coben’s thrillers have  booked long stays on the New York Times bestseller lists. But it took a young French actor-director to bring one of his titles to the big screen. Winner of four Cesar Awards in France including Best Actor and Best Director, Tell No One starts with the premise of an innocent man caught in a web. CANAPE talks to author Harlan Coben and director Guillaume Canet about what happens next.

Guest List

Michael André Adams Journalist

Guillaume Canet Film Director

Harlan Coben Author

Madeleine de Grandmaison Chairman of the Martinique Tourism Authority, Representative at the European Congress

André Lahoussaye Guide

Yvon Lamorandiere City Hall of Fort-de-France

André Lucrece Sociologist

Marie-Annick Paulin-Priam Guide

Valerie Ulric Marketing & Promotion Manager, Canada Office

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