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This edition: September 2008

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Original tape date: September 18, 2008.

1/ Louise Bourgeois at the Guggenheim
It takes a career to fill a museum. This season the career is that of Louise Bourgeois, and the museum is the divine spiraling space of the Guggenheim in New York. Born in 1911 in Paris and working in New York since the late 1930s, Madame Bourgeois is still creating art in her 97th year. While she knew a host of the greatest artists of the 20th century, her own style is distinct, unique, unforgettable. She is what most artists yearn to be: an original. Curator Nancy Spector shares with Canape her thoughts on the achievements of this French-American woman.

2/ “A Girl Cut in Two” with Ludivine Sagnier
Once upon a time, a young French film critic went to interview Alfred Hitchcock. Then the critic decided to become a filmmaker himself. Fifty years and 69 films later Claude Chabrol is to French language film what Hitchcock was to English speaking fare.  A Girl Cut in Two, the latest psychological thriller from Chabrol, finds the 78 year old director in top form.  The young French actress Ludivine Sagnier – the one who will be cut in two --chats with Canape about working with a master artist.

3/ I Kiffe New York
Ah, La Belle France. Berets, mournful cabaret songs, and a luncheon plate of steak et frites. Not a bad dream, especially if you liked the 1950s. But why not taste la nouvelle France of the 21st century? Stocking caps, hip hop in French and a couple of other languages, and a luncheon plate of lamb couscous.  Now you’re ready to know the new urban cultures of France created by waves of immigrants from the former colonies. Canape highlights the I Kiffe – that’s French slang for love – New York Festival.

4/ Habib Koite
Everybody knows that to find the roots of the blues you need to follow the Mississippi. But the journey doesn’t stop there. As musical historians now tell us, there is another “M” involved: the West African nation of Mali. Its tradition of singers known as griots and its sharp sounding stringed instruments are where it all began.  A contemporary master of the Malian tradition is Habib Koite whose recordings have made a mark with worldwide listeners. CANAPE catches up with him on a tour of the USA that finds him at B.B. King’s in New York.

5/ “A Secret” directed by Claude Miller
Winner of the Best Film Award at the 2007 Montreal Film Festival and a major box office hit in France, A Secret directed by veteran Claude Miller crosscuts among four decades of 20th century French history. How is one Jewish family affected by decisions made just before the German invasion of World War II? The director shares his thoughts with CANAPE.

Guest List

Habib Koite Musician

Claude Miller Film Director

Ludivine Sagnier Actress

Nancy Spector Curator

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