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This edition: October 2008

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Original tape date: October 23, 2008.

1/ Les Nubians
African based music continues to crisscross the Atlantic in unexpected ways. In 1998 French Cameroonian sisters Helene and Celia Faussart, who perform together as Les Nubians, released a first CD in Europe and the USA that featured an R & B sound with influences as different as Ella Fitzgerald, the Fugees, and Miriam Makeba. In 2003 a second CD One Step Forward pleased critics and fans alike. With dancers in mind, their eclectic style offers a transatlantic tour of African derived rhythms and sounds. The duo takes time from a recent stateside gig to talk to CANAPE.

2/ “Fear(s) of the Dark” by Charles Burns
Horror movies are to Halloween programming what candy is to Halloween bags. This year’s best bet for the spirit of the witching season may be the new omnibus animation film Fear of the Dark. Six first rate international artists do their best to scare us in full fledged black and white. The settings range from Europe to Japan, the style from flat 2-D to sharp 3-D. American contributor Charles Burns talks to CANAPE about his segment and more.

3/ Homage to Guillaume Depardieu
Pneumonia is no friend to an old man, goes the saying. It is all the more shocking when it fells a young man. Gifted 37 year old actor Guillaume Depardieu, who in recent years achieved fame and respect apart from his super star father Gerard Depardieu, died unexpectedly in a Paris hospital of a sudden bout of the killer disease. CANAPE offers an homage to the actor from interviews in 2000 and 2008.

4/ Irene Nemirovsy : Woman of Letters and Suite Française
As the Germans occupied France in 1940 the Russian Jewish novelist Irene Nemirovsky, who was already a literary celebrity in her adopted country France, began to write about the life around her. She completed two of six projected novellas before being deported to Auschwitz where she died. In 2004 the works were published for the first time in France and became a bestseller titled Suite Francaise. Success followed in the United States and elsewhere. Now the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City offers an exhibit about this remarkable literary story. CANAPE celebrates the event by revisiting an interview with the author’s daughter Denise Epstein.

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