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This edition: November 2008

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Original tape date: November 20, 2008.

1/ Sashird Lao
Sashird Lao is an award winning trio of young jazz instrumentalists who sing like …  No,  scratch that. They’re three young jazz vocalists who play multiple …  No, that’s not it either. Actually, they do it all. And sure seem more like a full jazz band than a trio. What’s the idea behind all of this talent and versatility? CANAPE takes a listen to what the musicians have to say.

2/ A Christmas Tale by Arnaud Desplechin
Long ago the movies learned how to gather a set of characters together in one location and let the proximity generate the drama. Jean Renoir’s The Rules of the Game is the grand model. Robert Altman’s Nashville still reverberates. The latest master of the form is the French director and writer Arnaud Desplechin. In his new film A Christmas Tale a family gathers together in the French provinces and does much more than simply celebrate the season. Canape listens to what director Desplechin, super star Catherine Denueve, and other cast members have to say about their ensemble piece.

3/ Graphic Novels from Europe
Europeans take their comics seriously. In fact, they don’t call them comics. They mark their artistic ambitions by recognizing them as graphic novels. These are stories written by adults for adults. In fall 2008 the New York based literary series New Literature from Europe highlights the many faces of the graphic novel. Canape takes a look.

4/ Ducasse Made Simple by Sophie Dudemaine
Great food takes great effort to make. That idea keeps many people away from the kitchen. While no one doubts that world famous chef Alain Ducasse makes great food, the bestselling French cookbook author Sophie Dudemaine is out to prove that we too can follow him into the kitchen and not sacrifice our fulltime jobs to do so. Canape follows the preparation of a risotto from start to mouthful.

5/ Synechdoche, New York by Charlie Kaufman
As everybody knows, the Western is a genre. And some great filmmakers become their own genre. Woody Allen is surely in that number. But when has a screenwriter every established his own genre as a recognizable brand? The answer is Charlie Kaufman, whose scripts include Adaptation, Being John Malkovich, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. His new film is Synecdoche, New York, which he also directs. Canape was on hand at the Cannes Film Festival for his press conference.

Guest List

Arnaud Desplechin Film Director

Sophie Dudemaine Cookbook author

Charlie Kaufman Film Director

Sashird Lao Musicians

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