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This edition: December 2008 edition

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Original tape date: December 1, 2008.

1/ Van Gogh exhibit at MoMA
As any frustrated weekend painter knows, capturing the world means more than getting people, places, and things. It means capturing light. Perhaps no one was more obsessed with the relation between color and light than Vincent Van Gogh. He took the interests of the Impressionists further into the field, into intimate spaces, and ultimately into the night itself. The Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam have organized a stunning exhibit about his quest. Curator Joachim Pissarro talks to CANAPE
about “Van Gogh and the Colors of Night.”

2/ “The Class” by Laurent Cantet
French director and writer Laurent Cantet chronicled the modern workplace in such films as Time Out and Human Resources. In his latest film The Class he  turns his attention to an earlier institution that prepares us – or not – for the contemporary world of labor. Working from an autobiographical novel by teacher Francois Begeaudeau, Cantet sets his cameras rolling in a middle school full of the children of immigrants in today’s Paris. Winner of the Palme
d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, the film takes an intimate look at French identity today. The filmmaker talks with CANAPE about getting close to his

3/ “Ma Gastronomie” by Fernand Point
Driving from Paris to the Riviera? If you’re a gourmet, you know that there is one stop you shouldn’t miss: La Pyramide restaurant where owner and chef Fernand Point helped create a revolution in 20th century French cuisine. Originally published in 1969, his cookbook Ma
Gastronomie is a holy text of that revolution. CANAPE offers a toast to the master chef on the occasion of the republication of his classic volume.

4/ David B.
What is Literature? asked French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre some years ago. It’s a sure thing that he didn’t have graphic novels in mind. But times change and the human urge for new expressive forms never ceases.  The important exhibit Graphic Novels from Europe on view in 2008 in New York celebrates the changing boundaries of literature. French writer and artist David B talks with CANAPE about his work as his graphic novel Nocturnal Conspiracies is published in English.

5/ Eldorado” by Olivier Assayas
Olivier Assayas likes challenges. He began writing for the famed film journal Cahiers de Cinema, moved on to screenwriting, and in recent years has emerged as one of France?s top directors of feature films. No one doubts that he can handle a camera and a story. So what next? A film about dance.  But  not just any music or dance. In a gripping two part documentary Eldorado / Preljocaj Assayas tackles the efforts by Ballet Prelcocaj to find dance forms adequate to the music of modernist master Karlheinz Stockhausen. CANAPEcatches the filmmaker as he visits New York to screen his work at the "Crossing the Line Festival" at the French Institute Alliance Francaise.

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Olivier Assayas Film Director

David B. Author

Laurent Cantet Film Director

Joachim Pissarro Curator

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