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This edition: March 2009

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Original tape date: March 19, 2009.

1/ Bonnard at the Metropolitan Museum
When Pierre Bonnard moved to the small hill town of Le Cannet in southern France he made his house more than his home. He made it  his artistic world. The Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrates these great, if lesser known works with a retrospective of 80 paintings, drawings, and watercolors that date from 1923 to 1947. Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors. curator Dita Amory talks with CANAPE about these dazzling images infused with intense light.
2/ Rendezvous with French Cinema
To be sure, Paris is the best place to see French films. No surprise there. Second place honors, some would argue, go to the Film Society at Lincoln Center in New York for their annual presentation of the best of recent productions in Rendezvous with French Cinema. This year the IFC Cener joins the crew. CANAPE stops by for a look.
3/ L & O
Olivier Slabiak is a co-founder of Les Yeux Noirs, the immensely popular French klezmer group. But why stop there? His new project is simply named L & O. That’s Olivier himself and L for his classically trained vocalist wife Laure.  Their hybrid repertoire explores French chansons and swing arrangements ranging from glockenspiel to tuba. CANAPE stops by globalFEST 2009 for a listen and a chat.
4/ Retrospective Jacques Doillon
Best known in America for his 1996 Venice and Cannes award winning film Ponette, with it astonishing performance by a four year old actress as its protagonist, Jacques Doillon has been making films for over thirty five years. As for his skills with actors, Francois Truffaut once remarked that his films give “us the impression that the highest degree of authenticity in acting has now been achieved.” On a recent visit to New York for a retrospective at the French Institute Alliance Francaise the master director took a moment to talk with CANAPE.

Guest List

Dita Amory Curator

Jacques Doillon Film Director

Anne Fontaine Film Director

L and O, Band

Martin Provost Film Director

Pierre Schoeller Film Director

Agnes Varda Film Director

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