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This edition: April 2009

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Original tape date: April 23, 2009.

1/ “Cast in Bronze” at the Metropolitan Museum
The history of art is without end. Witness the groundbreaking exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Cast in Bronze : French Sculpture from Renaissance to Revolution. Initially inspired by the Italian Renaissance but always moving in their own directions French artists created a magnificent array of bronze works spanning more than two centuries. They are now gathered together for the first time. Curator James David Draper shares with CANAPE his thoughts about the merit of these masterworks in metal.
2/ “Shall We Kiss?” by Emmanuel Mouret
Will they or won’t they? That’s the question implicit in all romantic comedies. In Emmanuel Mouret’s Shall We Kiss? one couple on the verge of that decision takes a long look by way of a flashback to another couple to find the answer. Before fabric designer Emilie will kiss furniture restorer Gabriel she must tell him the cautionary tale of math teacher Nicolas and laboratory researcher Judith. Director-writer Emmanuel Mouret chats with CANAPE about his comedy that has been called “a mouth watering Gallic soufflé.”
3/ Bagad Saint-Nazaire
On St. Patrick’s Day everyone is Irish. But does everyone include the French? This year the answer was found marching down Fifth Ave. Thirty musicians from Saint Nazaire in Brittany joined the Irish to celebrate their common Celtic heritage. While in la Grosse Pomme they shared their music with audiences at Symphony Space, Times Square, the Lycee Francaise and elsewhere. CANAPE investigates the musical blarney from Brittany.
4/ International Day of Francophonie
It’s not exactly easy to get anyone’s attention in a place like New York City. How do you celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City? Or how do you mark the presence of 200 million French speakers in sixty eight countries? Those were the challenges this year for the Journee de la Francophonie, the international day of the French speaking world. You could say that the solution was illuminating. French light sculptor Patrick Rimoux used the façade of the Payne Whitney Mansion on Fifth Ave., which houses the French Cultural Services, as his canvas. CANAPE chats with the master of light.
5/ Gustave Caillebotte at the Brooklyn Museum
What impression does an Impresionist make? Monet had his water lilies. And Manet his dancers. But what of Gustave Caillebotte? He’s been called the Urban Impressionist for his angular views of Paris. At the Brooklyn Museum in the first major showing of the artist’s oeuvre in over thirty years Gustave Caillebotte: Impressionist Paintings from Paris to the Sea another artist emerges, a man for whom water was a special, near constant element of his work. Curator Judith Dolkart talks to CANAPE about an artist who was a passionate rower and yachtsman.

Guest List

Judith Dolkart Curator

James David Draper Curator

Christian Méhat Musician

Francois Maheut Musical Consultant

Emmanuel Mouret Film Director

Patrick Rimoux Artist

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