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This edition: May 2009

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Original tape date: May 2, 2009.

1/ Limits of Control
There are certain clear marks of a movie by Jim Jarmusch: deadpan humor, elegant compositions, and clever mixtures of popular genres. One more thing is the likely presence of the African actor Isaach de Bankole. In the new film Limits of Control, which was photographed by the great Christopher Doyle, he is a stranger whose mysterious task takes him across Spain. Along the way he encounters other Jarmusch regulars John Hurt, Bill Murray, and Tilda Swinton, among many others. The lead actor talks to CANAPE about his journey with Jarmusch.
2/ Cannes Film Festival
If it’s May and you love the movies, you need to be at the Cannes Film Festival. In recent years CANAPE has been on the scene bringing the news back home. In 2008 one of the revelations of the festival was James Toback’s documentary about boxer Mike Tyson. This year the jury will be headed by veteran French actress Isabelle Huppert. CANAPE offers glimpses of both.
3/ Between Collaboration and Resistance
The publication and worldwide success several years ago of Irene Nemirovsky’s novel Suite Francaise revived interest in the homefront of France during World War II.  Now an exhibit at the New York Public Library Between Collaboration and Resistance: French Literary Life Under Nazi Occupation takes a more comprehensive look the historical period. Who collaborated? Who resisted? Who switched sides? Curator Robert Paxton talks with CANAPE about the French ethical landscape.
4/ Seraphine
Not everyone goes to school to be an artist. Before she was discovered by accident by an art dealer in 1914 Seraphine Louis was a shepherdess and a house servant. Her remarkable story is now a no less remarkable film. Simply titled Seraphine, it was the winner of seven Cesar Awards in France including Best Film, Original Screenplay, and Best Actress for Yolande Moreau. Director Martin Provost talks about his film with CANAPE.
5/ New York African Film Festival
If it’s springtime in New York, we must be going to Africa. For sixteen years the New York African Film Festival has been offering cinephiles a sampling of the films from Mother Africa that is as diverse as the many cultures of the continent. From Egypt to South Africa the films range from piercing social documentaries to lighthearted comedies. There is something for everyone who wants to take the trip. Festival organiser Mamadou Niang shares his thoughts about the festival with CANAPE.

Guest List

Isaach De Bankolé Actor

Isabelle Huppert Actress

Mamadou Niang Festival Organiser

Robert O. Paxton Curator

Martin Provost Film Director

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