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This edition: September 2009

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Original tape date: September 24, 2009.

(In French)
1/ Ang Lee's "Taking Woodstock" at the Cannes Film Festival

How global are we? Or, put another way, how international is the Cannes Film Festival these days? Take the case of Taking Woodstock? One of the seismic events of the 1960s in America – the rock concert to end all rock concerts – is re-created by the Academy Award winning director Ang Lee from Taiwan. Where better to premiere it than France? CANAPE is on hand in Cannes for the press conference.

 2/ Blue Nefertiti's "Paris at Night"

Celia Faussart started out singing with her sister in Bordeaux.  They grew up and started a vocal band called The Nubians.  Their mixture of world music and American R and B has gained them an international following. 
Now, Celia is walking down the streets of Brooklyn. 
In addition to The Nubians, Celia is entering the world of Cabaret.  She’s created a new character, “Blue Nefertiti”, and brings the storytelling and singing tradition of an old world Cabaret to NYC.

 3/ "Paris" by Cedric Klapisch

If you can’t make it to the City of Light soon, veteran director Cedric Klapisch has another idea. See his film Paris. A hit with critics and audiences in France, the dramedy follows the crisscrossing lives of contemporary Parisians. The director of L’Auberge Espanol and Russian Dolls once again casts Romain Duris as a key character. Juliette Binoche, Fabrice Luchini, and Francois Cluzet – the crème of Gallic actors – appear as well. CANAPE talks with director Klapisch.

 4/ Binoche In-I exhibit

Academy Award winning actress Juliette Binoche performs with equal grace in her native French and her adopted English. But her artistic chops don’t stop there. She is also a poet and graphic artist. CANAPE visits the French Cultural Services in New York to see the exhibit In-Eyes by multi-tasker Ms. Binoche. Twenty nine triptychs from as many films offer poems dedicated to her directors as well as portraits of them and of herself in character.

 5/ "Julie and Julia"

One woman more than any other person reshaped the way Americans think about French cuisine. Her name, of course, was Julia Child. In Nora Ephron’s delightful new film Julia and Julie, Julia played with relish by Meryl Streep, is revealed to us while a contemporary apostle Julie, enacted by Amy Adams, tries to prepare all the recipes of the classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Director-writer Nora Ephron shares her thoughts about the film with CANAPE.

Guest List

Amy Adams Actress

Nora Ephron Writer and Director

Emile Hirsch Actor

Cédric Klapisch Film Director

Ang Lee Film Director

Célia of les Nubians Singer

James Schamus Producer

Meryl Streep Actress

Stanley Tucci Actor

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