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This edition: November 2009

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Original tape date: November 19, 2009.

(In French)

1/ Cedric Watson
Born in 1983, accordionist, fiddler, singer, and composer Cedric Watson grew up in San Felipe, Texas surrounded by the sounds of blues, old soul, country and zydeco. Preferring to join the Creole Nation rather than the Hip Hop Nation, he moved to Lafayette, Louisiana to immerse himself in the music. As he puts it, "I want to present the Creole Nation of Louisiana to the Creole Nations in other parts of the world, to make these Creole cultures aware of the one in Louisiana, and vice versa." CANAPE listens to the man and the music.

2/ Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Highly regarded by international critics and popular around the globe, French author Eric Emmanuel Schmitt writes plays, scripts, and novels that combine a natural storyteller’s light touch with a profound understanding of character. His latest publication in English is the short story collection The Most Beautiful Book in the World. In this woman centered work, his female characters range from a working class fan of a popular novelist to women trapped in the Soviet gulag. CANAPE speaks to the novelist as he visits New York.

3/ "La Danse – Le Ballet de l’Opera de Paris"
A juvenile court. A hospital. A fashion show. Public Housing. A zoo. These and many other institutions have been the subjects of Frederick Wiseman’s observational documentaries. Spectators travel with his camera to catch the sights, rhythms, decisions, and processes that make the institutions what they are. His latest film is La Danse – Le Ballet de l’Opera de Paris. CANAPE stops in for a visit.

4/ Zap Mama
In the 1990s singer and leader Marie Deaulne created the a capella group Zap Mama to explore the crossroads of world music in styles ranging from her native Congo to the pop brew of Paris. Through the years instruments no less than new directions in musical styles have been added. Marie Deaulne’s long term artistic project is nicely summarized by the title of her latest release ReCreation. The singer voices her ideas to CANAPE.

5/ Marie NDiaye
Think of what the Nobel Prize is to science. Or, if you prefer, what the World Series is to baseball. That’s what the Prix Goncourt is to the French novel. This year’s recipient is Marie NDiaye. CANAPE returns to a talk with the author taped when one of her theater plays was being performed in New York. 

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