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This edition: January 2010

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Original tape date: January 21, 2010.

CANAPE expresses profound sympathy for the Haitian people as they recover from a devastating earthquake.  Aid may be sent in a number of ways.
2/ The Invisible Dog Art Center
Once upon a time in a country far, far away – Brooklyn in the 1970s – there existed a factory that manufactured leases for invisible dogs. By the turn of the century the leases were as invisible as the dogs. The factory was gone. But a man from France discovered the building and decided he could make art visible in the neighborhood. Thus was born The Invisible Dog Art Center. CANAPE visits and talks with founder Lucien Zayan.
3/ Jonah Bokaer
How do you catch a whirlwind? That’s the problem in talking about choreographer and media artist Jonah Bokaer. He’s always in motion. His work includes contemporary dance, mixed media, arts activism, and a dedication to social enterprise. His latest work REPLICA, a collaborative performance piece with Daniel Arsham and Judith Sanchez Ruiz, examines memory loss, pattern recognition, and perceptual faculties as they apply to the human body. CANAPE stops by a rehearsal at The New Museum.
4/ Melissa Mars
What do Mozart and terrorists have in common? Answer: French actress and singer Melissa Mars. After several successful recordings she’s appearing in the Parisian stage spectacle Mozart, l’opera rock. She also plays a role in the new John Travolta thriller From Paris with Love directed by Pierre Morel. CANAPE talks with the talented performer about the different paths of her career.
5/ Skana
We live in many times at the same time. So think Paris based Muriel Louveau and Los Angeles based Charles Byunfyu Kim, the two performer-composers who make up the musical group Skana. They create, among other things, “contemporary medieval music.” Just to add a postmodern twist: Skana means “sound” in Latvian, a language not common to Paris or Los Angeles.
6/ "Seven Days"
The question is as old as Greek tragedy. What is the relation between justice and vengeance? The latest take on the eternal question is the French Canadian thriller "Seven Days". How do we judge a surgeon who kidnaps and tortures the killer of his eight year old daughter? CANAPE looks at the trailer of the Sundance Film Festival selection.
7/ Eric Rohmer
Over fifty years ago a group of talented young men were writing about what the movies were and could be for the journal Cahiers du Cinema. They then decided to do something about it by making films themselves. Among those critics turned directors who became the New Wave was Eric Rohmer. He made delicate, subtle films for the next five decades, including Claire’s Knee and My Night at Maude’s. CANAPE offers tribute to the master filmmaker who passed in January 2010 at the age of 89.

Guest List

Jonah Bokaer Choreographer

Muriel Louveau Singer

Melissa Mars Actress/Singer

Serge Renko

Lucy Russell Actress

Lucien Zayan Curator, Invisible Dog Art Center