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This edition: April 2010

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Episode Details

Original tape date: April 24, 2010.

1/ "La Jeanne d’Arc" brings French books for New York City Public Schools
In March 2010 after traveling more than 1,800,000 nautical miles in 46 years of service, the French helicopter carrier Jeanne d’Arc made its final port of call in New York. Its cargo was 2000 French language books for the children participating in the innovative French-English dual language and French Heritage language programs in New York public schools. The Ambassador of France Pierre Vimont was on hand for the book donation ceremony. Joining him were students from the Bronx, teachers, administrators, officials, and CANAPE.
2/ "OSS 117: Lost in Rio"
Agent OSS 117 is back and this time he’s on his way to Brazil to deal with some leftover Nazis. The year is 1967, and he knows that he is the best agent in the world working for the best country in the world. It’s not arrogance. It’s simple truth about himself and France. And so opens the gap into which comedy drives with the speed of a Jaguar. Actor Jean Dujardin shares the fun with CANAPE
3/ "Paris and the Avant-Garde" at the Guggenheim Museum
Every era has a city that catches its spirit. Caesar had Rome. Shakespeare had London. And in the first decades of the 20th century artists from around the world had Paris. Even a partial list of painters is mindboggling: Georges Braque, March Chagall, Robert Delaunay, Juan Gris, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miro, among so many others. Why Paris? Why then? The new exhibit at the New York Guggenheim Paris and the Avant-Garde gives some answers. CANAPE talks with curator Tracey Bashkoff.
 4/ "Welcome" with Vincent Lindon
The multiple award winning French film Welcome directed by Philippe Lioretis is in fact about not being welcome. Its young protagonist is a Kurd who has made his way from Iraq to Calais on the French coast. It is just one more step to a reunion with his girlfriend who has asylum in England. Why not swim across? After all. it’s been done before. And so the story finds a center in a coach and his unusual athlete. Actor Vincent Lindon, who plays the coach, gives CANAPE some tips. 

5/ Cine Insitute in Jacmel, Haiti
The recent earthquake in Haiti took thousands of lives and destroyed the country’s fragile institutional infrastructure. Among the projects effcted was the Cine Institute in the southern city of Jacmel, a program dedicated to empowering young Haitians with training in the new digital media. A March 2010 benefit concert organized by the French Institute Alliance Francaise helped raise funds to reboot the program. CANAPE talks with David Bell, director of the Cine Institute.

Guest List

Tracey Bashkoff Curator

David Bell Director, the Cine Institute

Jean Dujardin Actor

Rafaela Espinal Principal, P.S. 25

Karin Goldmark Executive Director for New Initiatives, NYC Department of Education

Vincent Lindon Actor

Linda Rosenbury Principal, M.S. 22

Robin Sundick Principal, P.S. 84

Pierre Vimont Ambassador of France to the United States

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