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This edition: September 2010

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Original tape date: September 23, 2010.

1/Vincent Cassel in “Mesrine”
Vincent Cassel charmed worldwide audiences with his comic portrayal of a master French thief in Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13. In two new award winning films Mesrine: Killer Instinct and Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1 he’s a thief again but the tone is not comic. Jacques Mesrine was a real larger than life French gangster who eventually died in a barrage of bullets. CANAPE talks with Vincent Cassel about the challenges of portraying a man who himself enjoyed playing the role of gangster.
2/ Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913-1917
Great artists with long lives usually have distinct periods. Early Beethoven doesn’t sound like late Beethoven. The young Henry James doesn’t read like the elder Master. An important traveling exhibit at MoMA Matisse: Radical  Invention, 1913-1917 examines works from crucial years of  the French artist’s life, years that have defied easy classification but rendered great aesthetic rewards. Chief Curator John Elderfield talks with CANAPE about how a century later Matisse continues to teach us how to see modernity.
3/ “The Heartbreaker”
It’s an eternal question for a father. How can I get rid of that bad boyfriend of my daughter before she marries him? In the new romantic comedy Heartbreaker, a smash hit in France, the answer is simple. Hire someone – a heartbreaker – to get your daughter back. This is no normal job, as the many plot twists and pratfalls in the film starring French charmer Romain Duris show. CANAPE sits down with screenwriter Jeremy Doner and actress Julie Ferrier to sort out the fun.
4/ “Enter the Void” by Gaspar Noé
Making movies, says provocative French director-writer Gaspar Noé, is “trying to put your dreams on a flat screen outside of your brain.” And in Noé’s case, the dreams are frequently nightmares.  In his words, he wants to create “psychedelic melodrama”. In his newest film Enter the Void experience extends beyond life itself. The passage from life to death never stops the camera from following the drug dealing protagonist into the afterlife. CANAPE’s camera  captures the director and actress Paz de la Huerta at the Cannes Film Festival.
5/ “The Hideaway” by Francois Ozon
French filmmaker Francois Ozon likes to take chances. He once made a murder mystery in which eight of France’s greatest actresses had to sing. Many of his characters go mad. All have secrets and inner selves that complicate their relationships with family, friends, and others. His latest drama Hideaway explores the relationship between a pregnant former drug addict and her dead lover’s gay brother. And that is just where the intimate story begins. Francois Ozon chats with CANAPE about his surprising art. (In French)

Guest List

Vincent Cassel Actor/Film Director

Paz De La Huerta Actress

Jeremy Doner Screenwriter

John Elderfield Curator

Julie Ferrier Actress

Gaspar Noé Filmmaker

François Ozon Film Director

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