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This edition: December 2010

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Original tape date: December 23, 2010.

1/Rita and Harmony
Independent filmmaker Harmony Korine latest movie "Trash Humpers" portrays enigmatic seniors going wild in Nashville. The artist Rita Ackermann, recently exhibited at the Whitney Biennial, and famous for her ghostly creations, always had a close connection to Harmony Korine's work. So what happens when Rita Ackerman's world collides with Harmony Korine's?
The result is Shadow Fux an exhibit at the Swiss Institute.  Based on stills from the movie "Trash Humpers", they created collage-based artworks.  We interview both artists while touring the gallery and get a personal taste of their work together.

2/ The Illusionist
Great filmmakers always create their own universes. When Jacques Tati passed almost thirty years ago, so too passed the special view of contemporary life embodied by his charming alter ego M. Hulot. Or so we thought. The gifted French animator Sylvain Chomet, whose previous film The Triplets of Belleville charmed worldwide audiences, has created an homage to Tati based upon one of his unfilmed scripts. The Illusionist, which is laced with the master’s characteristic sight gags, follows the adventures of a French magician in Scotland in the 1950s. CANAPE attends the show.

3/ Gena Rowlands
Gena Rowlands is considered by many to be the leading actress of independent cinema for her powerful portrayal of very human characters who defy stereotypes.  She is best known for the ten films she made with her late husband actor-director John Cassavetes.  She received Academy Award nominations for her performances in two of these films:  “Gloria” and “A Woman Under the Influence.”
She’s always been a favorite in France, and this month she received the insignia of Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters from the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York. Canape congratulates her on this honor by presenting an excerpt of her Master Class in Acting she gave at the Cannes Film Festival in 

4/ Patrick Jouin at the Museum of Arts and Design
What goes on in the kitchen of a world class restaurant? Some years ago chefs decided to show the world by putting their work on display through glass enclosed work spaces. Now hot French design wizard Patrick Jouin explores the role the “gesture” in the making of a culinary dish, from prep to service. From Kitchen to Table at The Museum of Arts and Design is internationally acclaimed Jouin’s first solo exhibit at a US institution. In addition to a multimedia installation dedicated to gesture, the show also offers twenty two of his landmark designs. CANAPE buys a ticket.

5/ Vincent Cassel  in "Black Swan"
The talk of the elite Telluride Film Festival this year was a ballet movie. But a dance film with a difference. As the New York Times commented, the film’s intensity creates “a swirl of dread, suspense, and almost tactile beauty.” The Black Swan directed by Darren Aronofsky offers Nathalie Portman, in perhaps her first fully adult role, as a ballerina obsessed by furious ambition. The ballet master driving her to the brink is played by versatile French actor Vincent Cassel. CANAPE drops in for a look backstage.

6/ Claude Lanzmann
Twenty five years ago one film changed the way twentieth century history is understood. It was nine and a half hours long, contained not one foot of archival footage, and took twelve years to make.  Now considered a classic of world cinema and a monument to human survival Shoah directed by Claude Lanzmann makes spectators rethink everything they knew about the Holocaust and how films can portray it. The masterpiece will be in theaters again soon for its anniversary. CANAPE revisits an earlier conversation with director Lanzmann.

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