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This edition: March 2011

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Original tape date: March 24, 2011.

(In French)

1/ Potiche by François Ozon
Who could possibly neglect Catherine Deneuve? The comic response is to be found in Francois Ozon’s new film Potiche, which is the French equivalent of trophy wife. Neglected
and disrespected by her wealthy manufacturer husband, Deneuve’s character rolls into action when she must take over his post. On hand is old flame Gerard Depardieu who will complicate matters in all the right, if surprising, ways. CANAPE talks with director Ozon and the young actress Judith Godreche who plays Deneuve’s daughter. 

2/Rendez vous with French Cinema with Benoit Jacquot Ludivine Sagnier, Martin Provost and Rene Feret
There are ways to tell that spring is arriving in New York. Outdoor seating begins to appear in front of restaurants. Frisbees are again in the air in Central Park. And the Film Society at Lincoln Center hosts the annual showcase Rendezvous with French Cinema. The best of Gallic film of the past year helps New Yorkers say goodbye to the worries of winter. CANAPE
previews the selections of 2011.

3/ The bewitched hands
What’s up these days with the new generation of French rock groups? They keep singing great music in – oops! – English. The latest group to land in the good ol’ USA warbling in our lingo is The Bewitched Hands on the Top of Our Heads. As if the playfulness of their name wasn’t enough, they turn up the volume of nostalgia in their songs. Tight harmonies, catchy lyrics, and psychedelic licks worthy of the Grateful Dead, dude: what is this, Haight-Asbury 1967? No. It’s Washington Square Park today & CANAPE is there.

4/ Heartbeats by Xavier Dolan
If you go the Cannes Film Festival with your directorial debut at age twenty and return with no less than three prizes, what do you do for a follow up? How about returning the next year with a second film and getting a standing ovation? Montreal based wiz kid Xavier Dolan did just that in 2010. His second film Heartbeats tells the story of two friends who fall for the same guy in hipster metrosexual Quebec. CANAPE chats with the youngster who likes to nod at masters Truffaut, Godard, and Wong Kar-wai.

Guest List

Xavier Dolan Film Director

René Féret Film Director

Judith Godréche Actress

Benoit Jacquot Film Director

Eric Lartigau Film Director

François Ozon Film Director

Martin Provost Film Director

Ludivine Sagnier Actress

The Bewitched Hands Music Band

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