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This edition: April 2011

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Original tape date: April 21, 2011.

(In French)
1/ Blank City by Céline Danhier
Thirty five years ago New York City declared bankruptcy. On late night television Johnny Carson cracked jokes regularly about getting mugged in Central Park.  Amid the crime and the economic devastation, art of all kinds began to appear from the new bohemias of the East Village and the Lower East Side. Celine Danhier’s rich documentary Blank City takes a look
at those times and talks with veteran artists about their younger and leaner days.

2/ Guitars Innovators at MoMA
Pablo Picasso’s creative dialog with Africa is a staple of 20th century art history. The new exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art Picasso: Guitars 1912-1914 now offers a chance to put an African artist in dialog with Picasso’s paintings. Master guitarist Mamady Kouyate, a former member of the legendary West African bands Bembeya Jazz and Yhe Mandingo Ambassadors, is captured by CANAPE as the plays in the galleries of MoMA and as he gives a rare solo performance in Brooklyn. Curator Anne Umland offers context.

3/ Queens to play by Caroline Bottaro
What do boxing and chess have in common?  Actually, quite a lot… strategy, aggression, passion… Well, in QUEEN TO PLAY, you could almost hear the ROCKY theme song as Kevin Kline, in his first totally French speaking role, trains the great Sandrine Bonnaire in the sweet science of chess. We met Caroline Bottaro near Central Park and spoke to the first time director about her well-received film, and what it was like to work with these two international heavyweights.

4/ Homage to Edouard Glissant
Some thinkers are larger than categories. So it was with the Martinican master Edouard Glissant who passed in February 2011. A poet, novelist, cultural activist, respected academic, and game changing literary theorist, he spent his life building bridges among people, nations, and art forms. CANAPE offers a tribute.

5/ Princess of Montpensier by Bertrand Tavernier
Those looking for a good old fashioned, lumbering historical film should avoid Bertrand Tavernier’s new work Princess of Montpensier set in the 16th century and based upon the classic novel by Madame de la Fayette. By his own admission Tavernier – a much published film historian as well as world class director – admires the liveliness of Westerns made by directors like Raoul Walsh and Delmer Daves. CANAPE journeys back into a world where youthful passion is shaped by a
stifling society.

6/ Armadillo by Janys Metz
The wars of the 21st century involve many countries. Tiny Denmark has troops stationed in Afghanistan, a fact easy to never know if one depends upon mainstream sources. But it is a fact that no one will forget if they see the Cannes Film Festival prize winnerArmadillo directed by Janus Metz. Thef film chronicles six months in the field with the Danish soldiers. CANAPE talks with the director whose work was first praised in France.

Guest List

Caroline Bottaro Film Director

Céline Danhier Film Director

Edouard Glissant Writer/Author

Danny Glover Actor

Mamady Kouyaté Musician

Maripol Film Director

Albert Maysles Documentary Filmmaker

Janus Metz Pedersen Film Director

Amos Poe Film Director

Fisher Stevens Film Producer

Bertrand Tavernier Film Director

Mélanie Thierry Actress

Anne Umland Curator, Museum of Modern Art

John Waters Filmmaker

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