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This edition: May 2011

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Original tape date: May 19, 2011.

1/Dub iNC
Founded in 1997 the French musical group DUB INC has frequently been labeled as proponents of French Reggae. But such a peg is only a starting point to enjoy their constant sampling and mixing of global musical styles. Most frequently, the rich musical accents of Africa and the Middle East appear in their infectious, dance driven numbers. Chart climbing stars in Europe, they recently appeared in New York City to play and promote their latest project Hors Control. CANAPE found them on the street and in the club.

2/ François Morellet
The conversation between the art worlds of Paris and New York never ceases. French artist Francois Morellet has been much admired and feted in the USA for his installations and abstract canvases. He now receives a major retrospective at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. CANAPE salutes a modern master in his ninth decade.

3/ Martizik Festival in Martinique
Electronic dance music evokes images of massive clubs darkly lit with spotlights crisscrossing the undulating bodies. Thousands do it every night around the world. But what if it goes outdoors? That’s the idea behind the Martizik Electropical Festival that took place in Martinique in April 2011. The beach became the scene as over a dozen DJs and musical acts set bodies into motion. Always ready to party, CANAPE talks with Martinican groups Ki Sound Killa and Madin’ House Project.

4/ "The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye" by Marie Losier
When French filmmaker Marie Losier saw Genesis P-Orridge perform at the Knitting Factory, the legendary club in Tribeca, she loved his performance. Few days later, after a chance encounter, Genesis P-Orridge and his partner Lady Jaye chose Marie to document their life. Losier knew that no ordinary documentary could capture this unique relationship. Over 7 years later, film festival goers around the world are agreeing that she was right. A singular story of body changing individual identity requires a singular film. CANAPE stops by the Tribeca Film Festival to check out The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye.

5/ Mamady Kouyate performs at Moma.
The great Guinean musician Mamady Kouyate performs at Moma.

Guest List

Dub Inc. Musicians

Ki Sound Killa Musicians

Mamady Kouyaté Musician

Marie Losier Film Director

Mad in House Project Musicians

Francois Morellet Artist

Sous le Ground Musicians