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This edition: July 2011

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Original tape date: July 21, 2011.

1/ Jim Jarmusch receiving the insignia of Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters
Sometimes a trip abroad can make all the difference. In the mid-seventies a literature student from New York discovered the Cinematheque Francaise and decided to dedicate himself to making films. Lucky for us and for France that young man was Jim Jarmusch, one of the masters of American independent cinema. In June 2011 in recognition of his contribution to global film culture the cineaste received the insignia of Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters from the French Embassy. CANAPE is on hand to interview the lanky filmmaker.

2/ "Rapt" by Lucas Belvaux
Sometimes a kidnapping is more than a crime. The 1978 case of a French playboy-millionaire caught the nation’s attention as level after level of his decadent lifestyle was revealed by the press. When does a victim become someone getting a just comeuppance? That’s the moral thread of Rapt, helmer Lucas Belvaux’s contemporary, fictionalized riff on the original affair. CANAPE sits with the director and his lead actor Yvan Attal to talk about their morally ambiguous thriller.

3/ Jazz in Saint Césaire
Once upon a time a vacationing American jazz bassist saw some folks playing music in the small southern French mountain town of Saint Cezaire. They invited him to sit in. And so a transatlantic jam session began. Now the town hosts an annual week long jazz laboratory and in spring 2011 French musicians visited New York to practice their chops with their American friends. CANAPE visits the founders of the ongoing musical dialog.

4/ "Mozart's Sister" by René Féret
Sometimes being an older sister isn’t easy. What if you’re talented, but your little brother happens to be child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Such is the tantalizing premise of the new historical drama Mozart’s Sister. “A treat for classical music lovers and cinephiles alike,” says VARIETY, “the pic is a stunner.” CANAPE explores the distinctly musical family story as it chats with director René Féret.

5/ Retrospective Euzhan Palcy at MoMA
Sometimes small places produce large talents. Take the case of the island of Martinique and the film director Euzhan Palcy. Her first film – the coming of age tale Sugar Cane Alley -- is considered a classic of Caribbean cinema. Her next film A Dry White Season attracted the talent of Marlon Brando. Over the next fifteen years she produced more than fifteen fiction and documentary works. Many awards have followed. The latest honor is a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. CANAPE chats with the Martinican artist about her career.

Guest List

Yvan Attal

Lucas Belvaux Film Director

Roni Ben-Hur Musician

Santi Debriano Musician

René Féret Film Director

Jim Jarmusch Film Director

Euzhan Palcy Film Director

Fréderic Rouquier Musician

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