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This edition: September 2011

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Original tape date: September 22, 2011.

"Ideas and people travel. And so do the spirits of certain communities. Barbes is a neighborhood of northern Paris where there are more immigrants than native born French. It’s where the world meets France and vice versa. It’s also the name of a bar and club in Brooklyn where New Yorkers meet Barbes and vice versa. CANAPE talks to the owners of this transatlantic cultural phenomenon."

"Portrait of the New-York based French fashion designer Alice Ritter. In many ways, Alice Ritter's life practically changed overnight when she moved to New York from her home in Paris over twelve years ago. She followed her American boyfriend to New York, got married and legally changed her last name to that of her husband's. Being in New York gave her a sense of freedom to follow her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer."

"Créolisation is the word in French used to describe how different cultures mix together to form new human experiences. Take a look around any cosmopolitan city to see it in action. Or listen to the music of Elisapie Isaac. The Canadian singer is based inMontreal, her mother was Inuit and her father from Newfoundland. She was raised in the Great North and now sings around the world. She practices her innovative form of modern folk music in English and French. CANAPE catches her in New York with an exciting record releaseThere Will Be Stars."

4/ LOVE CRIME by Alain Corneau with Ludivine Sagnier
"In the late Alain Corneau’s last film Love Crime boss Kristin Scott Thomas and underling Ludivine Sagnier move from colleagues to deadly rivals. Interview with Ludivine Sagnier during the film festival Rendez Vous with French Cinema."

5/ Nicolas Jaar
Musician composer Nicolas Jaar grew up in a household with ties to three continents. His grandparents are French; his parents are Chilean; and he now hails from Brooklyn. This rich brew of cultures inspires the many directions of his first CD Space is Only Noise. “In a genuinely singular vision,” as a BBC reviewer puts it, “he draws on the blues, traditional global folk, found sound, modern classical music and minimal techno, among others.” CANAPE visits with the young composer in his mother’s apartment and then stops by a band practice at the Marcy Hotel in Williamsburg.

Guest List

Olivier Conan Musician

Vincent Douglas Musician

Elisapie Musician

Nicolas Jaar Musician

Alice Ritter Fashion Designer

Ludivine Sagnier Actress