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This edition: October 2011

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Original tape date: October 19, 2011.

First aired: October 20, 2011.

Agnès Godard
Who gets a retrospective? Most commonly it’s actors or directors. But upon occasion other artists contribute so fully to the creation of great cinema that they demand broader attention. Such is the case with the French cinematographer Agnès Godard. For many directors including Claire Denis she has been the ideal creative partner balancing her skills with their visions. Upon the occasion of her retrospective at the French Institute / Alliance Francaise, Canapé discusses with the artist the challenges of filming life.

The new CMJ music festival marathon started in New York mid-October. Canapé follows in Washington Square Park two French bands that were part of last year's festivities : Revolver and The Rodeo.

NY Film Festival
For many New Yorkers a sure sign of fall is the turning of leaves in Central Park. For film fans it’s the annual arrival of the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center. Canapé takes a brief look at Mia Hansen Love's and Luc and Jean Pierre Dardenne’s new movies.
- In her third feature film Goodbye First Love director Mia Hansen Love explores the dynamics of love, passion, and growing up as she follows a young couple through crucial years of their relationship.
- Luc & Jean Pierre Dardenne return to New York with the 2011 winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival The Kid with a Bike. Shooting again in the Belgian port of Seraing, they explore with their humanist touch the struggles of an 11 year old boy abandoned by his parents.

Stéphane Wrembel
In the 1930s the great guitarist Django Reinhardt invented a style of music now known worldwide as Gypsy Swing. It’s infectious. Once bitten there is no cure. Growing up in Fontainebleau, France Stéphane Wrembel caught the bug. It brought him to study in Boston and now to settle in Brooklyn. Among his American admirers and collaborators are Patti Smith, Mariah Carey, and Woody Allen. Canapé goes from one of Stéphane Wrembel’s performance to a pilgrimage at his home.

Guest List

Jean-Pierre Dardenne Film Director

Luc Dardenne Director

Agnès Godard Cinematographer

Mia Hansen-Løve Film Director

Revolver Music Band

The Rodeo

Stéphane Wrembel Musician

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