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This edition: June 2012

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Original tape date: June 20, 2012.

First aired: June 21, 2012.

"Kiki de Montparnasse" by Catel and Bocquet
Sometime there is the right person in the right place to embody the time and palce. In the 1920s the place was Paris and the person was Kiki de Montparnasse. Born as Alice Prin, she adopted the name Kiki for her life as the most famous artist’s model of her time. Picasso, Hemingway, Man Ray, and virtually every important artist of the Lost Generation fell under her spell. The new graphic biography Kiki de Montparnasseby Catel Muller and Jose Luis Bocquet allows us to take another look at the icon. CANAPE listens to what experts say about her.

"Wakhan : An Other Afghanistan" by Varial and Fabrice Nadjari
It may be difficult to imagine an Afghanistan without war but it exists today. The Wakkan Corridor in the far north east of the country is so isolated that it remains untouched by the strife elsewhere. In 2011 tw
o 33 year old French photographers heard of this remarkable fact from an article in the New York Times and decided to make a photographic chronicle of the region, something never done before. Arriving by horse and donkey, the only modes of transportation in the largely roadless land, they walked 180 miles from one end of the region to the other. CANAPE takes a look at the striking images that that found of people living outside the modern world.

"Americano" by Mathieu Demy
The deep effects of divorce upon children may go even deeper if the change includes two countries. Mathieu Demy’s first feature film Americano, which he wrote and in which he plays to central character, explores a son’s search for an understanding of his recently deceased, long estranged mother as he comes to Los Angeles to repatriate her body to France. Demy mixes current footage with images from the 1981 film Documenteur directed by his own mother Agnes Varda. The young filmmaker ta
lks to CANAPE about a film that mixes times and places to portray the intimacy of family.

Robert Delpire : A retrospective of his work
Over the past sixty years, the eyes and instincts of Robert Delpire have shaped much of the world’s understanding of photography. A prolific publisher and exhibition organizer, with a razor-sharp comprehension of the graphic arts, Delpire has had a defining hand in the careers of many of the master photographers of recent history. The Cultural Services of the French Embassy in collaboration with Aperture Gallery, The Gallery at Hermès, and La Maison Française of New York University present Delpire & Co., an exhibition featuring a half century of achievement in the life and career of visionary French publisher, editor, and curator Robert Delpire. CANAPE takes a glimpse.

"Unforgivable" by André Téchiné with Carole Bouquet
The best mysteries may not have a defintive solution. They
shift from whodunit to whydunit. The whys may multiply. Andre Techine’s latest film Unforgivable takes a disappearance among of set of French expats living as its starting points to render subtle psychology and astute social observation among characters of different classes and generations. As usual, Techine assembles at A-list of French actors. Lead female performer Carole Bouquet sits down with to chat with CANAPE about the film and its filmmaker.

Guest List

Bocquet Graphic Novelist

Carole Bouquet Actress

Catel Graphic Novelist

Mary Ann Caws Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature, English and French, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Mathieu Demy Filmmaker

Melissa Harris Editor Chief , Aperture Magazine

Sarah Moon Photographer

Fabrice Nadjari Photographer

Varial Photographer

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