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This edition: September 2012

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Original tape date: September 19, 2012.

First aired: September 20, 2012.

(In French)

"Jean-Michel Othoniel: My Way"
One mark of an artist’s originality is how the art eludes easy classification. The new exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum Jean-Michel Othoniel: My Way presents a survey the twenty five year career of the multi-media artist. Just as his influences range from Constantin Brancusi to Sophie Calle, his materials range from heraldic banners to Murano glass sculptures. CANAPE queries the artist about the intensely personal mythology that unites the work.

"Beloved" by Christophe Honoré
In his new musical Beloved French director Christophe Honoré explores the contrasting love lives of a mother and daughter. Mother was a child of the free loving sixties. Daughter is a product of the age of AIDS. In Honore’s musical universe their songs are more than interludes. They reveal the characters’ thoughts and feelings. And t
hose characters are embodied by real life mother and daughter Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastroianni. CANAPE catches up with film’s creator.

Jean Luc Moulène
Best known for enigmatic, large format photographs, Jean Luc Moulene has for thirty years followed a broader artistic project that investigates critically what it means to author a work. To do so he has created a large body of objects that explores materials, manufactured and found, industrial and organic. To map this overall vision the Dia Foundation offers a sweeping exhibit titled Opus + One that displays thirty nine objects as well as photographs. CANAPE stops by for a look.

"La Source"
Nearly one billion people -- one of every six human beings -- lack access to clean drinking water. Sadly, contaminated water is the leading cause of death in the world today. In the face of these facts, how can one person make a difference? The new documentary La Sourcedemonstrates what one man wh
o inspires others can achieve. A Princeton university janitor by day and a cab driver by night Josue Lajeunesse has a mission to bring water to his impoverished native village in Haiti. CANAPE talks to the hero and the documentarian Patrick Shen who brings his story to the screen.

"17 Girls"
Based on true events that took place in the USA, the new French film 17 Girls balances gracefully on a tightrope between social conscience and teen comedy. When one high school girl finds herself pregnant her classmates make a pact to join her. These singles mothers y create their own local baby boom. Praised at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, the movie is as sure to create debate as it is to provoke laughter. Filmmaker-writers Delphine and Muriel Coulin share their perspective with CANAPE.

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