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This edition: October 2012

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Original tape date: October 18, 2012.

First aired: October 18, 2012.

The Civilians’ “Paris Commune”
The American theatre troupe, The Civilians, has created a rendering of the historical events of the 1871 Paris Commune. Through song, dance, and a large tapestry of characters, “Paris Commune” reflects the troupe’s wish to support and develop a “new theater” dealing with “the most vital questions of the present”. CANAPÉ joins the revolution at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

“Ferdinand Hodler: View to Infinity”
Austrians Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele were great admirers of the great Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler, who has remained little known in the USA. A major retrospective at the Neue Galerie in New York, Ferdinand Hodler: View to Infinity, shows clearly what the better known artists saw of worth in their neighbor’s work. Sixty-five paintings, 20 drawings, and 45 intimate photographs suggest the range of the artist’s interests, from self-portraits to majestic Swiss alpine landscapes. Organizing curator Jill Lloyd talks to CANAPÉ about mounting this breakthrough exhibit.

“The Big Picture”
Movies have always given us the fantasy of another life. In the tradition of film noir it may mean getting a new self by taking someone else’s life. The latest variation on this theme comes from director Eric Lartigau’s Cesar-nominated thriller, The Big Picture, starring French heartthrob Romain Duris. The film voyages from the leafy, luxurious suburbs of Paris to a remote Serbian village. Director Lartigau tells CANAPÉ about the journey of the film.

“Filmmakers of Our Time”
It is well known that the French New Wave changed film history. Less well known is how it revolutionized TV, giving a new perspective on the history of the movies. In 1965, Andre Labarthe and Janine Bazin created a television series called Filmmakers of Our Time. Over several decades they commissioned filmmakers to make portraits of filmmakers. The result is a unique set of testimonies. CANAPÉ talks to creator Andre Labarthe and the head of the French National Film Archive Mathieu Gallet as they visit the New York Film Festival for a retrospective of the series.

Guest List

Mathieu Gallet CEO, INA

André Labarthe Filmmaker

Eric Lartigau Film Director

Jill Lloyd Curator

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