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This edition: November 2012

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Original tape date: November 22, 2012.

First aired: November 22, 2012.

Cyrille Aimee
A haven for sailors in port, the Red Hook section of New York was notorious for a century for its vice. Now it’s famous for its hospitality to the arts. There could be no better example of the new cosmopolitanism than jazz vocalist and musician Cyrille Aimee, whose global repertoire reflects her many travels and family heritage from France, the USA, and the Dominican Republic. CANAPE catches her waterside in the mood to perform.

Pierre Etaix
In the 1960s French director, writer, and actor Pierre Etaix delighted audiences with his inventive comic films. In their witty use of image and sound they were influenced by Etaix’s mentor Jacques Tati and the silent masters Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton. A legal dispute kept the films off the screen for decades. But now they are back for a new generation to discover. CANAPE talks with one of cinema’s most imaginative clowns who, yes, admires Jerry Lewis.

Dinner in the Dark
Romantic dinners are usually set in a dimly lit space. Dim, however, is not dark. Against that distinction, in 1997 in France the idea of dinners in complete darkness appeared as a project to bring awareness of the challenges of blindness while offering a unique experience. Fifteen years later more than one million people around the world have attended “dark” events at spas, restaurants, and other venues. CANAPE visits Dans le Noir in Brooklyn, the largest restaurant in the world dedicated to an awareness of disability.

Elliott Carter
Born in 1908, the American composer Elliott Carter was called “the last survivor of the heroic age of postwar musical modernism.” He attended the first American performance of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring in 1924, studied composition in the 1930s in Paris with Nadia Boulanger; and won a Pultizer Prize in 1960. At the age of 103 in 2012, he published a new work, received the French Legion of Honor, and passed away. CANAPE salutes the artist.

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