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This edition: December 2012 (in French with English subtitles)

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First aired: December 20, 2012.

Anne Apparu : Food and the Rockaway Relief Effort
Like all great cities, New York is a place of uneasy contradictions - extreme wealth beside extreme poverty, beauty and decadence beside grime and misery. Disasters only intensify those conditions. For many thousands of people already living on the margins of this society, the impact of Hurricane Sandy has intensified the challenges of basic survival - including things as basic and essential as eating. French artist and chef Anne Apparu had lived for awhile in Rockaway, one of the hardest hit communities. Following the principle of "mutual aid," she has returned to use her cooking skills to feed her neighbors in need. We visit Rockaway Rescue Alliance and speak with Anne Apparu and founder Robin Hillman-Harrigan.

Tribute to Chris Marker
There are celebrities. Everyone knows them. Then there are artist’s artists. Few may know their names but their influence on other artists is immense. Chris Maker, who passed at the age of ninety-one in July 2012, was the latter. He declined press interviews but maintained a global network of friends. A world traveler, writer, filmmaker, and multimedia artist, he is best known for his brief masterpiece La Jetée, from which the Hollywood film 12 Monkeys was derived. CANAPE visits the Cinemathèque Francaise in Paris as they render tribute to a remarkable artist.

“Embers of War” by Fredrik Logevall
Why were we in Vietnam? It’s a question that still haunts the American imagination. The French were there first, most people remember. But why were they there and how did we take over? The new volume by Fredrik Logevall Embers of War: The Fall of an Empire and the Making of America’s Vietnam gives the best overview yet of these questions. The canvas is large and the cast of characters is vast. Historian Logevall helps CANAPE make sense of this epic-tragic story.

Guest List

Anne Apparu Activist

Robin Hillman-Harrigan Founder, Rockaway Rescue Alliance

Fredrik Logevall Historian

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