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This edition: March 2013 Non Subtitled Version

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Original tape date: March 21, 2013.

First aired: March 15, 2013.

In 1915 on the French riviera, one Renoir was declining and another was beginning to rise. But both found inspiration in a beautiful red-hair young woman called Andrée. Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste works on his canvases despite his arthritis. His son Jean returns with injuries from World War 1 is soon to find his vocation as a film director. He will marry Andrée and make her a star. This fable of young and old is captured by film director Gilles Bourdos and cinematographer Mark Lee in a film titled simply Renoir. Canapé steals a look.

The blues are a long road. One that leads back to the desert of northern Mali. The latest group to make a stop along the way is Terakaft, a rock group of Tuareg descent whose name means Caravan. Already well known and critically acclaimed in France, this desert blues men are making their US
tour in 2013. Canapé was there to capture their first performance in the USA.

Have you ever seen a woman on a trapeze suspend a cannon form her teeth? that's right a cannon and remain calm when someone fired it. No? Well French impressionist Edgar Degas did and he was impressed. His view of performer Miss Lala at the cirque Fernando led him to paint one of his masterpieces which is his only circus-themed canvas. The deeply-researched new exhibit at the Morgan library, Degas , Miss Lala and the cirque Fernando places the great painting in the rich urban context of 19th century Paris. Curator Linda Wolk-Simon gives Canapé a personal tour.

Many documentaries inform and argue. A privileged few immerse spectators without judgments into experiences they are unlikely to have on their own. The new film by directors Verena Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor Leviathan takes the viewer out for a night of commercial fishing on
a trawler off the coast of New Bedford, Massachussets. There is little dialogue, no narration and a ferocious antagonist: the sea. No aspect of the rigors of fishing goes unrecorded. Canapé headS to the high seas to join the crew.

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