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This edition: May 2013 (In French with English Subs)

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Original tape date: June 14, 2013.


A doctor falling in love with a patient is “dog bites man.” But when the doctor is Jean-Martin Charcot -- the teacher of both Williams James and Sigmind Freud – the situation looks more like “man bites dog.” Director Alice Winocour’s highly honored first feature film Augustine explores how the famed neurologist becomes involved young illiterate housemaid who comes to his clinic. The filmmaker talks with CANAPE about how the story tries to honor the complexity of doctor and patient and to avoid facile ideas of villain and victim.

Ousmane Sembene

When director Ousmane Sembene passed in 2007 admirers around the world recognized him as the godfather of African cinema as well as a distinguished writer of stories and novels. As he said of himself, “I am a storyteller, an artist striving to express the secret pul
sation of my people.” French journalist Christine Delorme encountered Sembene on numerous occasions over many years. CANAPE talks with her at the New York African Film Festival about her new film Ousmane Sembene: All at Once which pulls together candid interview footage from several periods of his life.

Olivier Tallec

All children see the world in a special way, but it is only special adults who can capture that precious perspective. French illustrator and author Olivier Tallec has that gift, as his prizes and sales on both sides of the Atlantic show. A graduate of the Ecole Superieure d’Art Graphique in Paris, he has illustrated more than 50 children’s books. Some of his well known titles include Big Wolf & Little Wolf and The Moose Belongs to Me. CANAPE catches up with the charming raconteur during a recent visit to New York City.

Noemie Lafrance
Once upon a time, art that was made for a place stayed in the place. Today everything
is on the move. Well, almost everything. Award winning French Canadian choreographer based in New York Noemie Lafrance creates art that is wed to the site of its performance. A stairwell, a swimming pool, and the roof of a building designed by Frank Gehry: they have all served as inspirations for her site specific works. CANAPE makes a site visit to the artist.

Guest List

Christine Delorme Journalist

Noemie Lafrance Choreographer/Artist

Olivier Tallec Author

Alice Winocour Director

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