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This edition: June 2013 with Subtitles

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Original tape date: June 20, 2013.

(In French With English Subs.)
Le Corbusier @ MoMA

Certain names define a cultural geography. For modern French architecture and its international reach the name is Le Corbusier, as the Swiss born Charles-Edourd Jeanneret chose to call himself. The new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes reveals the ways in which Le Corbusier observed and imagined landscapes throughout his career, using all the artistic techniques at his disposal. Curator and architectural historian Jean-Louis Cohen guides CANAPE into the imagination of a 20th century visionary.

"Three Worlds" by Catherine Corsini

If drama begins when an event ruptures a stable situation, nothing could be more dramatic than a hit and run accident. In the Cannes Film Festival nominated thriller Three Worlds, director Catherine Corsini uses one fatal moment of misjudgment to take a look at cla
ss, morality, and social diversity in today’s France. Actor Raphael Personnaz talks to CANAPE about his lead role as the man who drives the car and runs away.

The Year of Proust

If there is a single most important book in 20th century French literature, it is the epic psychological novel of manners A la recherché du temps perdu, known in English either as – in direct translation -- In Search of Lost Time or – drawing from a phrase by Shakespeare – Remembrance of Things Past. Written by the reclusive Marcel Proust and published in multiple volumes, the entire work exceeds two thousand pages. The journey to fame for Proust and his mammoth tome began with the publication in 1913 of the first volume titled Swann’s Way. Cultural Counselor for France in the United States Antonin Baudry talks with CANAPE about the enduring importance and pleasures of Proust.

"The Stroller Strategy" with Raphaël Personnaz

Is it tough these days being a bachelor who works as a freelance illustrator in Paris? You bet it is. Just ask the protagonist of the new romantic comedy The Stroller Strategy whose girlfriend leaves him early in the game. When a baby literally falls into his arms, it’s time to rethink how to woo back the departed. Would she be attracted to a man who is now a responsible parent? CANAPE takes a look at the farcical hit movie.

Love Bomb Seed Bomb Project

The phrase “bombing the coast” usually evokes a reign of destruction. But it means just the opposite – creation – in the New York neighborhood of the Rockaways, a landscape devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The bombing that’s taking place now is by “seed bombs.” As part of the Ideas City festival of the New Museum, French American artist and activist Anne Apparu is teaching children how to distribute and plant seeds that will strengthen the seaside dunes and thus offer much needed ecological protection. CANAPE joins the bombing mission.

Guest List

Anne Apparu Activist

Antonin Baudry Cultural Counselor for France in the United States

Jean-Louis Cohen Curator and Architectural Historian

Catherine Corsini Film Director

Raphael Personnaz Actor

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