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This edition: September 2013 (In French)

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Original tape date: September 18, 2013.

First aired: September 19, 2013.

Homage to Stéphane Hessel
Stéphane Hessel’s pamphlet became a sensation soon after it was released. “Time for Outrage” has sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide. Stephane Hessel has occupied many positions in his life : immigrant, French resistance fighter, concentration camp survivor, diplomat, advocate and author. Stéphane Hessel was born in Berlin in 1917 and arrived in France at the age of 7. He joined the French resistance during the second World War and was caught by the Gestapo and was sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp. He escaped during a transfer to Bergen-Belsen. He subsequently helped to draft the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and became an honorary ambassador of France.

Alexandre Moors' "Blue Caprice"
Among crime stories, there are whodunnits, but there are also whydunnit
s. The latter describes the new film Blue Caprice, which is based on the deadly sniper attacks in the Washington area in the fall of 2002. But how much can we really know about why two men – one older and the leader, the other younger and vulnerable – would commit such calculated acts of violence? CANAPE talks with Paris born, New York based writer and director Alexanddre Moors about his creative investigation of a crime spree in early 21st century America.

Guest List

Sylvain Cypel New York Correspondent, Le Monde

Marion Duvert Translator

Jeff Madrick Editor, Challenge Magazine

Alexandre Moors Film Director

Leila Souissi Curator

Robert Zaretsky Author

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