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This edition: May 2014 (in French)

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Original tape date: May 21, 2014.

First aired: May 22, 2014.

1/ Helene Tysman
Hailed as "poetic" by The Daily Telegraph, praised for her Chopin interpretation which "mixed excitement with eloquence" by the Gramophone Chopin Express, French pianist Hélène Tysman first broke out onto the international music scene as a laureate of the 16th International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. In addition to a full calendar of solo recitals and ensemble performances, she has released two highly praised recordings of Chopin.

2/ Democracy by Maud Le Pladec
“What is democracy in its purest sense? What is DEMOS? What is politics? Does politics exist outside of the State?” These are the questions raised in DEMOCRACY, a new work by choreographer Maud Le Pladec inspired by political philosopher Miguel Abensour. To the powerful and raw sound of “Dark Full Ride” by Julia Wolfe, dancers gesture toward political engagement. However, as the choreographer acknowledges, demos must move beyond the stage and into the street.

3/ Cartoons for a Global Revolution
The Tunisian uprisings of 2010 and 2011 were the rallying cry for a generation of North African and Middle Eastern youth fighting for their future. In this moment political cartoonists Nadia Khiari, from Tunisia, and Khalid Albi, a Sudanese refugee living in Qatar, found a common cause. Their enemy : the oppressor. Their weapon: the pen. Their terrain: social networks.

Guest List

Khalid Albaih Political Cartoonist

Nadia Khiari Political Cartoonist

Maud Le Pladec Choreographer

Hélène Tysman Pianist

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