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This edition: October 2015 (In French with English subtitles)

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Original tape date: October 14, 2015.

First aired: October 29, 2015.

We Come As Friends
In a small makeshift airplane, filmmaker Hubert Sauper, flies over the territory known as South Sudan. From this panoptic view he positions himself as an outsider attempting to understand. He takes us from contested oil fields to missionary towns to election offices, and offers us a glimpse of the destruction. We Come As Friends is an exploration not of the colonial past but the present.

Christine Delphy
Sisters Sylvie and Florence Tissot, decided to collaborate on two film projects with Christine Delphy, Christine Delphy from A to Z and Je ne suis pas feminist, mais… This fall, La Maison Francaise at NYU invited them to screen their work and engage in an intergenerational dialogue among feminists.

Chantel Akerman
For many film critics around the world, Chantal Akerman is considered a pioneer of modern cinema. Many of her films critiqued dominant forms and ideas. In her documentary "De l’autre côté" she films migrants trying to cross the US-Mexico border. At the age of 25 she directed Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, a feminist film which is widely considered her masterpiece. Canapé revisits two interviews with the late film director.

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Chantal Akerman Filmmaker

Hupert Sauper Filmmaker

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Sylvie Tissot Filmmaker

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