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This edition: January 2016 (In French with English Subtitles)

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Original tape date: January 27, 2016.

First aired: January 28, 2016.

Lucia Katz
In her first book, Historian Lucia Katz writes about the advent in the 1870s in France, of a new class of poor: the "homeless", embodied in the creation of the night shelter. She sheds light on the genesis of the night shelter and its role as a counter revolutionary device during an emergency crisis. As France is again today under a state of emergency, Lucia draws on her research and her recent experience to warn us about the nature of a new French Republican compromise.

In an attempt to address the struggle of refugees, Director Jonas Carpignano and actor Koudous Seihon, collaborated on the feature film Mediterranea. The film follows two African friends who set out on a journey for better life in Europe only to find exploitation and racism.

Flying Street
What began as a conversation between Montreal based artist Stefan Christoff and Cairo based artist Sam Shalabi grew into a musical collaboration. The piano and oud compliment one another in improvisation resulting in a trance like tapestry of sound called Flying Street.

Guest List

Jonas Carpignano Film Director

Stefan Christoff Music Composer

Lucia Katz Historian

Koudous Seihon Actor

Sam Shalabi Music Composer

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