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This edition: The Play Years: Summary

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In this summary lesson, students meet four preschoolers: Jordan, C.C., and fraternal twins Alex and Maddy. Their typical daily routines offer living examples of some of the concepts explored in the previous three lessons and show that physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development are interconnected. Students learn about the unique family and environmental circumstances that influence these children’s development. Even Alex and Maddy, who share the same environment, demonstrate different interests and competencies. The video lesson demonstrates the level of gross and fine motor skills these children have attained and how such skills might affect their preference for certain play activities. It also reveals clues about the parenting style (authoritarian, permissive, authoritative) exemplified by these preschoolers’ parents and other caregivers. In addition, the lesson offers examples of how these caregivers structure individual learning situations for their children through a process of guided participation.

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