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This edition: Adolescence: Summary

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This summary lesson follows three diverse teens: Bayleigh, Ashley, and Alejandro. Their typical daily routines offer living examples of some of the concepts explored in the previous three lessons and show that physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development are interconnected. At age 12, Bayleigh is just entering puberty and coping with the aftereffects of a serious illness. Ashley, in the middle of puberty, is facing the challenges of growing up in an inner-city environment. Alejandro, an exchange student from Mexico, is adapting to the cultural differences of living in the United States while following his dream to compete in the Olympics as a swimmer. The lesson offers evidence of how these three teens view themselves and apply their new abilities to reason and think hypothetically to the decisions they are making about their future. It also shows the role of friendship in the lives of these teens, their strength of will when challenged by peers, and the relative value these teens place on friendships as opposed to personal goals. The lesson highlights the role that parents play in the lives of these kids and the ways in which parents, counselors, mentors, and other adults are meeting the needs of these teenagers.

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