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This edition: Hour of the Star

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(1986/Brazil, 89 min., b&w, drama)
Dir.: Suzana Amaral. Cast: Marcelia Cartaxo, Manoel Luiz Aranha, Marli Botoletto, Denoy de Oliveira.

Macabea comes from the country to the city and works in an office as a typist, a job which remains a complete mystery to her. She spends her evenings listening to the radio, where she hears things that she repeats to her boyfriend, a man she has met who disdains conversation and treats her badly. "Macabea is an example of the mental underdevelopment of the poor people of the world. Facing the solitude of the big city, she possesses the emptiness of someone who does not have the means to be cultured." - Suzana Amaral.

1986 Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film. Discussion follows with Susan Besse.

Guest List

Susan Besse

Prof. Jerry Carlson Professor of film studies, City College of New York