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This edition: Blackmail

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Episode Details

(1929/England, 86min., b/w, suspense drama).

Dir.: Alfred Hitchcock. Cast: Anny Ondra, Sara Allgood, John Longden, Charles Paton, Cyril Ritchard. A young woman is caught between a policeman and a blackmailer in Hitchcock’s (and England’s) first sound film.

(0:00:00) Jerry Carlson introduces “Blackmail”
(0:01:52) Main feature
(1:26:45) Discussion with guests

Guest List

Prof. Royal Brown Chair, Film Studies Program, Dept. of European Languages & Literature, Queens College/CUNY

Prof. Jerry Carlson Professor of film studies, City College of New York

Prof. Elizabeth Weis Professor of Film Studies, Brooklyn College/CUNY