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This edition: Kansas City Confidential

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(1952/U.S., 98 min., b&w, crime drama) Dir.: Phil Karlson. Cast: John Payne, Coleen Gray, Preston Foster, Neville Brand, Lee Van Cleef. An ex-con in Kansas City is framed for a bank robbery and flees a police dragnet to track the real robbers down at their hideout in Mexico. Discussion guest: Leonard Quart, Cineaste.

Host, Jerry Carlson, professor of film studies at The City College of the City University of New York, discusses "Kansas City Confidential" with Leonard Quart, contributing editor of Cineaste Magazine. Quart and Carlson talk about the film's intricate plot and its use of tight editing. They describe Phil Karlson's, the film's director, influence on TV in the 1950's. Quart and Carlson also examine the male/female relationships portrayed in the film.

Guest List

Leonard Quart Contributing Editor, Cineaste Magazine

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