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This edition: Don Quixote

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First aired: January 1, 2011.

(1957/Soviet Union, 110 min., color, drama, in Russian with English subtitles) Dir.: Grigori Kozintsev. Cast: Nikolai Cherkasov, Yuri Tolubeyev, Lyudmila Kasyanova, Serafima Birman. Miguel Cervantes’ timeless tale about a “knight” who tilts at windmills, accompanied by his more pragmatic “squire,” Sancho Panza, given a unique Russian slant. Discussion guest: Paul Julian Smith, The Graduate Center/CUNY.

Host, Jerry Carlson, professor of film studies at The City College of the City University of New York, discusses "Don Quixote" with Paul Julian Smith, professor of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literature and Languages at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Smith and Carlson explain why this film is considered one of the "best of all 'Don Quixote' adaptations." They examine, in-depth, the film's use of color and the differences between the novel and the film adaptation. Smith describes the film's strategic use of cinematic tools including editing and angles.

Guest List

Mr. Paul Julian Smith Professor, The Graduate Center, CUNY