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This edition: On the Verge of a Fever (Le Gout des Jeunes Filles)

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(2004/Canada-Haiti, 88 min., color, drama, in French with English subtitles) Director: John L’Ecuyer. Cast: Lansana Kourouma, Uly Darly, Mireille Metellus, Koumba Ball. Against the backdrop of poverty, fear and the brutal dictatorship of Haiti in 1971, Fanfan, a 15-year-old boy, lives a somewhat sheltered life with his protective mother. After a terrifying incident involving the Tonton-Macoute (secret police), Fanfan decides to hide out at his beautiful neighbor's house for the weekend. There, he is trapped between his fear of being caught and the fulfilling of his deepest fantasy. Based on a book by famous Haitian novelist Dany Laferriere. Discussion guest: Thomas Spear, Lehman College/CUNY.