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This edition: Tanta Agua (2013)

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First aired: December 30, 2017.

(102 min., Uruguay, Mexico, Netherlands and Germany / 2013 / Comedy / Spanish with English subtitles)
A film by Ana Guevara and Leticia Jorge
Alberto, who doesn't see his kids Luca and Federico much since his divorce, refuses to allow anything to ruin his plans for vacation at a hot springs resort. But the springs are closed due to heavy rains, and Luca's adolescent rebellion clashes against her father's enthusiastic efforts for family quality time. When she meets friends her age, Luca's vacation starts looking up. But flings can be fleeting, and it's her father's reliable insistence they spend time together that proves to be the most meaningful part of their unexpectedly enjoyable getaway.

Discussion guest: Isabel Estrada, The City College CUNY

Guest List

Isabel Estrada The City College/CUNY

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