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This edition: The Joke (1969)

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Episode Details

First aired: April 14, 2019.

(1969, Country: Czechoslovakia, Language: Czech, Genre: Drama, B&W)
Director: Jaromil Jires
Writers: Zdenek Blaha (dramaturge), Jaromil Jires (screenplay)
Stars: Josef Somr, Jana Ditetova, Ludek Munzar

Jaromil Jires's brilliant adaptation of Milan Kundera's novel tells the fragmentary tale of a man expelled from the Communist Party because of a political joke. After "rehabilitation" in the mines and a stint in prison, he hatches a revenge plot against the former friend who betrayed him. Made near the end of the Czech New Wave, The Joke is acknowledged as one of its greatest works.

Discussion Guest: Irena Kovarova / The Comeback Company.

Guest List

Irena Kovarova Founder, The Comeback Company

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