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This edition: Mad or Bad? The Mind of a Mass Murderer

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Episode Details

First aired: October 3, 2012.

Three gruesome incidents in two years: Tuscon, Arizona; Aurora, Colorado; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Many Americans wonder whether our society is sadly prone to these acts of evil, since there have been at least 60 of them since 1982. Were the murderers mad, or bad, or a combustible mixture of both?

Join host Stephen Handelman, Director of the Center on Media, Crime and Justice, as he discusses this topic with two of the country's foremost experts on extreme criminal violence: Abby Stein, Associate Professor at John Jay College and author of, “Prologue to Violence,” and Dr. Michael Stone, a professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University who specializes in personality disorders. He is the author of, “The Anatomy of Evil” and on Discovery Channel’s show titled, “Most Evil,” he examines the criminal mind.

Also joining the conversation will be legal journalist and former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, Robin Barton who will explore how the media covers these tragic events.

Guest List

Robin Barton Legal Journalist/Former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney

Stephen Handelman Director, John Jay College Center on Media, Crime & Justice

Abby Stein Associate Professor, John Jay College/CUNY

Dr. Michael Stone Professor, Clinical Psychiatry