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This edition: How They Got Away with It: White Collar Criminals and the Financial Meltdown

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Episode Details

Original tape date: January 16, 2013.

First aired: February 6, 2013.

How many of the powerful players whose financial manipulations triggered a crisis second only to the Great Depression have seen the inside of a criminal courtroom, face a conviction, or been put in jail? Almost none.

How did they get away with it? Even worse, are they still getting away with it? These are the questions asked by a new book of essays edited by scholars at John Jay College called, “How They Got Away with it: White Collar Criminals and the Financial Meltdown” published by Columbia University Press. The book is edited by Criminal Justice Matters host, Stephen Handelman (Director of the Center on Media, Crime and Justice) along with Prof. Susan Will and Prof. David Brotherton of John Jay College.

Guest List

Prof. David Brotherton Chair, Sociology Department and Forensic Accounting Expert, John Jay College/CUNY

Stephen Handelman Director, John Jay College Center on Media, Crime & Justice

David Shapiro, Esq. Forensic Accountant

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